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This document gathers the entire legal information concerning the editorial activities of the website accessible via, is solely binding and governs its usage during its entire  existence. This information is updated and accessible anytime. 

It is applicable from entry on the website (hereafter “the Site”) to any natural person (“the User”), who guarantees accepting its terms and conditions without reservation, modification or limitation. 




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The company ALCG Partners, S.A.R.L. with share capital of 15.000 €, represented by Laurence Goldstein et Alexandra Collet, exclusive owner of the website accessible via

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RCS Paris 518 591 623



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Laurence Goldstein and  Alexandra Collet for the company ALCG Partners, S.A.R.L, responsible for personal data collecting and processing, under CNIL number 1406926. 


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57 rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris, France 

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Agence KLAIM


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« Fauteuil-Cadre, acier patiné, » – Armchair frame in patinated steel – in the gallery courtesy Galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris, London, Miami)

 « Fauteuil-Cadre, acier patiné, » – Armchair frame in patinated steel –courtesy Galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris, London, Miami)


-For  Marcus Egli :

Marcus Egli, «Hominium, aluminium», courtesy Galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris, London, Miami)


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Alvéoles 96 and  Alvéoles 187


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The company IONOS, which can be contacted via the following link :


°  Or at 0970 808 911 * (* Not surcharged call, 24/24 and 7/7 – Free call from most of Internet boxes) 



Terms and Conditions of Use


Website, services and legal information update and modification

  . The company ALCG Partners reserves the exclusive right to update the hereby Agreement, as well as its services and the entirety of the Site, at any time and without justification, according to its legitimate interests and needs, thus inviting the user to read the hereby document at each visit.  

The last update was carried out on 31 August, 2016.


Agreement Purpose and application conditions 

  . The purpose of this Agreement is to determine all stipulations that govern any use of the Site by any capable person, from any computing terminals and devices and from any country, and to distribute respective rights and responsibilities in this context.

  . The hereby Agreement is non-transferable and indivisible, and applies totally and exclusively. Users cannot, under any circumstances, unilaterally and deliberately opt-out of one or several clauses of the entire Terms and Agreement.


Exclusions of liability

  . The websites and articles published on the Site, or accessible on the Site via hypertext links, have no legal, commercial or financial value whatsoever; this type of information implies a professional expert analysis, and shall not bind the company ALCG Partners in any way.

  . Consultation of the Site is free, and any supplementary cost suffered by the User due to his navigation and attributable to his other providers, technical or otherwise can be in no way attributable to the company ALCG Partners. The User commits to respecting the hereby Agreement as well as the whole applicable law.


Computer and web security

  . The company ALCG Partners is committed to providing and maintaining the whole Site in optimal security conditions and under normal conditions of use, and reminds that safety and integrity of communications on the Internet cannot be fully guaranteed. 

  . As a result, the company ALCG Partners shall in no way whatsoever be held responsible for any form of cyber and/or computer attack, hack or threat eventually suffered by the User that can be linked with his navigation on the Site.

  . Fraudulent access and/or maintenance (in) to the Site, that may cause any damage and/or affect in any way and in any proportion its functioning, as well as introduction and/or modification of any form of data, constitute offences which are punishable by criminal law and may give rise to any adequate legal proceedings.


Suspensions of service and force majeure

  . Any interruption of the Site and consequently any suspension of the services proposed on the Site, due to force majeure, shall not result in any form of responsibility of The company ALCG Partners. Thus any breach or negligence of his contractual obligations from the latter, due to an act of a third party, technical hazards, and in general to any unforeseeable and irresistible circumstance beyond its control shall not bind The company ALCG Partners in any way.


Intellectual property/Copyright     

  . Graphic  charter and general structure of the Site, as well as its texts, images (animated or not), photographs, know-how, drawings, graphics and visuals, and any other element of the Site, are the exclusive property of the company ALCG Partners. These elements are protected by French and international laws governing copyright and intellectual property rights. The French « Code de la propriété intellectuelle » forbids any usage and/or representation of such elements except for a strictly personal and private use, or for short quotations with a view to illustrating an example and illustration (article L122-5 of the above mentioned code). 

  . Any substantial and unauthorized representation, copying or replication, in full or in part, of the Site is strictly forbidden (article L.342-3 of the above mentioned code).

  . ALCG Partners reserves the right to engage judicial proceedings against any person who violates such prohibition or restriction, in France and internationally. It is equally forbidden to use or duplicate in any way the name and the commercial signs / branding of «ALCG Partners » alone or combined, in any way whatsoever, in any form and on any medium whatsoever, without prior, explicit and written consent of the company ALCG Partners.

  . The following domain name is also protected by valid registration and legitimate use:


Privacy commitment 

. In conformity with the French Data Protection Law, of 6 January 1978, referred to as the “Law on Information Technology and Civil Liberties”, modified by the law 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 that pertain to information technology, databases and civil liberties, the automated processing and 

collection of personal data via the Site has been declared to the French « Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés » (CNIL), under number 1406926.


        ° Collected data

  . Personal data collected via the Site can be in particular: mandatorily, the name and surname, and the e-mail address ; futhermore, telephone details, training and degrees, professional experience. Such information can be collected either with the online contact form or with a CV provided by regular or electronic mail. 

  . The User provides this exact and authentic information knowingly. In accordance with the above mentioned French law of  06/01/1978  « loi du 6 janvier 1978 », the User will be informed if such data is to be provided mandatorily in order to manage his demand – when information is mandatory, it is indicated with a distinctive sign such as an asterisk (*).


         °  Destination of the information

  . The entirety of the collected data is destined to be used strictly by the company ALCG Partners, and is used for managing User’s demands and to assist him in employment searches, as well as to contact him for this purpose, in a personalized way that is adapted to his needs. The company ALCG Partners can also use such data in an aggregated and anonymous form, in order to realize statistics and/or case studies. Unless otherwise stated, the User admits receiving physical and/or electronic mails containing information and/or commercial documentation from the company ALCG Partners.

  . The User can opt-out from such solicitations at any time on simple demand, or by clicking the opt-out button eventually present in such mails. 


        °  Security and privacy of the collected data

  . Collected data is destined to be exclusively used by the company ALCG Partners and its members. Thus, any technical subcontractor, likely to access to such data in the performance of his mission, is held by a privacy obligation. He shall in particular avoid any use of such data for his own account or behalf,  and any communication to any third party, at the risk of any judicial or legal proceedings. 


        °  Cookies   

  . No « cookie » is implemented nor registered or archived on the user’s computer or device when consulting the Site



  ° Right of access and rectification

  . In accordance with the French law 78-17 « loi 78-17 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés du 6 janvier 1978 » (article 34), the User has a right to access and request modification, rectification or deletion of any of his personal data. This right can be exercised by writing a regular mail, at the following address : ALCG Partners, 89, rue La Boëtie 75008 Paris, along with a photocopy of proof of identity (ID or passport).


Applicable law, disagreements and disputes

  . The hereby Terms and Conditions (as well as the Site) are written in both French and English, but are by explicit agreement governed by French law, and must be interpreted according to French law.

  . Any use of the Site, from any country and by a User of any nationality, is exclusively governed by French law, excluding any international element likely to entail the application of whatsoever foreign legal ruling.

  . In cases when access to the Site is not guaranteed to some Users from one or several country (ies), due to enforcement of foreign, connection and/or delivery difficulties or any restriction(s) independent from the company ALCG’s will or control, eventual damage(s) that result from such difficulty and/or impossibility to use the Site could in no way whatsoever entail the company ALCG’s responsibility.

  . Concerning any disagreement that may occur between the Parties, they shall first try to resolve it amicably under any legally authorized way and within a reasonable period.

  . As the case may be, dispute that could not be resolved amicably will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of French Courts.


This document cannot be legally used for another purpose than governing this website.